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The chronological, topical study of man begins with prehistoric man and continues to present day events.
Ninth grade units begin with a general introduction to geography, economics, political science, cultural and
history as areas of study. The rest of the course is geographical and historical studies that include the
following units: Early Man, Early River Civilizations, Classic Civilizations (Greece, Rome, Indus and
Chinese); the great Religions; Gupta, Tang and Byzantine Empires; Islamic Civilization, Medieval Europe
and the Impact of the Crusades; Early and Medieval Japan; Mongols and their Influence, Global Trade and
Interaction; Influence of the Plague, Resurgence of Europe; Rise and Fall of African Civilizations, Slave
Trade and its effects and the Ming and Manchu Dynasties of China; Rise of Mesoamerican Empires, The
Coming of Europeans and their impact on Latin America. The Global History I course concludes with a
teacher made final examination (following the Regents Global 10 format).  



The chronological, topical study of man begins with prehistoric man and continues to present day events.
Tenth grade continues the course of study with the following units: Encounter among Europeans,
Africans, Asians; Political Ideologies; Absolutism and its Response; Age of Revolution; (Scientific,
Political, Economics, Social and Industrial) and Global Responses; Imperialism; Japan and the Meiji
Restoration; World War I, Russia; Between the Wars; and World War II. The final unit, ď20th century since
1945,Ē includes: The Cold War, Chinese Communist Revolution, Independence Movements, Middle East,
Collapse of Communism and Latin America. The year will end with the study of Current Conflicts and
Global Connections. The Global History and Geography II course concludes with the New York State
Regents Exam.  



This is a college level, chronological United States history course. It is part of a national program administered by the College Board. It offers the opportunity to earn up to six college credits, depending upon the studentís performance on the Advanced Placement Examination and the
judgment of the history department at the studentís college choice.
Students must also take the United States History and Government Regents Exam to meet New York State requirements. PREREQUISITES: Successful completion of Global IR, recommended successful completion of Global IIR; due to the higher level expectations of an AP course, it is strongly advised that a 90 average in prior social studies classes be achieved.  



Students chronologically explore the development of the United States from a historical, economic,
political, sociological, and geographical perspective. The major emphasis of the course is placed on several
concepts from the social sciences that have contributed to the industrial development of the United States.
Constitutional and legal issues are explored as well as issues of international involvement. Awareness of
our American heritage is stressed, as are those aspects of our contemporary society that seem most relevant
to the future. The social science skills developed in the Global History program are again reinforced in this
course. Students must successfully pass the Regents Exam in United States History and Government
administered at the conclusion of the course of study.
PREREQUISITE: Recommended successful completion of Global History  



This one semester graduation requirement emphasizes economic understandings and economic
decision-making. This course includes the basic concepts and understandings that all persons need to function effectively and intelligently as citizens and participants in the economy of the United States and the world. The social studies skills and concepts developed and reinforced throughout the studentís high school experience are focused in this course on improving her/his economic literacy. Students will be required to complete the WCSD Performance Task for Economics, which is a graded simulation of the stock market.
PREREQUISITES: United States History and Government  



This one semester graduation requirement emphasizes the interaction between citizens and government at
all levels: local, state, and federal. Public policy analysis is an integral aspect of the course with students
using their social science skills and concepts to investigate social, political, and economic issues of their
contemporary society. The development of active student participation in the processes of public policy
analysis and government is encouraged. Students may thus be involved in a variety of public policy oriented
field trips and community experiences which are designed to provide them with the opportunity to
practically use their social studies skills and concepts in the "real world." Students will be required by
WSCD policy to engage in a minimum of 20 hours of field experiences to learn about community service,
political action, and other ways of becoming involved in the community.
PREREQUSITE: United States History and Government R  




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