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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

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Come all ye loyal friends of Tech


Welcome to Hutch-Tech High School - Home of the Engineers
Skill - Knowledge - Power to Engineer Your Future

We here at Hutch Tech envision our learning community as the premiere technical preparatory high school in the greater Buffalo Niagara region. Our graduates possess the knowledge, skill, and power to not just compete, but excel in the pursuit of continued academic and career readiness fully aware of the challenges and opportunities of a global economy. The seeds of intellectual and academic excellence must be cultivated in the fertile soil of personal responsibility, discipline, and character to reach their full potential.

The curriculum has been revamped and expanded continuously for entrance into schools of engineering and or the training of technicians for entry-level positions in current technical fields. The programs the school now offers includes bio-chemical technology, computer technology and engineering technology (electrical, mechanical, and architectural). Instruction in electricity and electronics is also provided. Hutch-Tech also offers a selection of college prep courses including Advanced Placement that both helped their major, and helped them meet their general education requirements that most colleges require. The courses include AP English Comp, AP English Lit, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Calculus,  AP United States History, AP World History, AP Physics, and AP Psychology..

Drawing by Tech student Jeremy Jindra, Feb 2003

All Incoming Freshman
Please be sure to attend our Freshman Orientation on Tuesday, August 20 and Wednesday, August 21 from 8:30-11:30 AM.  
Learn about the 'Smart Scholars' Computer Technology program from 11:45-2:15 after the Freshman Orientation. Please choose 1 day to attend the afternoon presentation.   A light lunch will be provided.
Students accepted will earn 26 college credits from this program as well as mentoring and academic assistance. 
A form will be mailed to your home with additional detailed information.
When you receive the form, please be sure to sign and return the form to Hutch Tech to the main office as soon as possible.
A maximum of 36 students will be able to register for each session that his held so please return the form as soon  as possible.
If you have any questions about the  'Smart Scholars' Computer Technology program please call Ms. Amy Franco, Supervisor of Career and Technical Education at 716-816-3784 or email her at
Thank you   



Attention 8th Grade Students and Parents:

The following information is provided to give you the best chance for acceptance to Hutch Tech now that you have taken the exam.                         

  2. Current Buffalo Public School Students see your Guidance Counselor.
  3. Non Public School Students can print out an application on the Buffalo Public Schools

Website>  High School Application for 2019-2020
 or go to 33 Ash Street Buffalo NY 14204

  1.  School  Choice #1 should be  HUTCH TECH  (304) WITH PROGRAM CODE (ENG)  for your best chance of acceptance
  2. Have the teacher evaluation page (page 3 of 2019-2020 application) and 2017-2018 grades filled out by school personnel.


                                                                                    33 ASH STREET

                                                                                    BUFFALO, NY  14204

Please submit paper work before or on DEADLINE FRIDAY DECEMBER 1, 2018 even if taking the January 10th make up exam.
PLEASE NOTE: Students who take the City Honors/Olmsted test and receive a letter of acceptance will not be obligated to attend either school until the Hutch Tech results are available.
On behalf of myself and the entire Hutch Tech family, I thank you for your interest in our school and hope to see you in the class of 2023.


Dr. Gabrielle Morquecho


Hutchinson Central Technical High School, informally known as Hutch-Tech, is a high school in the City of Buffalo, New York.  Its founding on September 14, 1904 under the name Mechanics Arts High School marked the beginning of technical education on the secondary level in the city of Buffalo. 

Our Vision
We at Hutchinson Central Technical High School envision our learning community as the premier technical preparatory high school in the Greater Buffalo/ Niagara Region. Our graduates possess the skill, knowledge, and power to compete and excel in the pursuit of continued academic and career readiness fully aware of the challenges and opportunities of a global economy.
The seeds of intellectual and academic excellence are cultivated in the fertile soil of personal responsibility, discipline, and character to reach their full potential.




Come all ye loyal friends of Tech,

and swell our joyous song.

Come singing Technics' glorious praise

with voices brave and strong.

To Tech, our school in memory dear,

to Tech our song we raise.

To Tech, our hearts are ever near.

Our lives shall be her praise.

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