Hutchinson Central Technical High School

Course Syllabus


Course Name: Physical Setting / Chemistry

Instructor: Mr. Leggio            Contact Time: 8:57-9:38         Phone Ext: 1416


Grading Policy
Your grade will be calculated based on total points earned, divided by total points assigned.** As a guide, assignments will be given point values as follows:
1) Tests--will count 100 points. There will be 2-4 tests per quarter. Will count approximately 30-40%.
2) Quizzes--there will be several quizzes given, which are worth 30-50 points each. I will announce quizzes. They count approximately 15% of the grade.
3) Homework--assignments will count 10 points each. In a typical marking period, Will count around 30%.
4) Lab--will count as 25%of the grade. Your lab instructor will give you a grade, which I will turn into points.
5) Class participation/cooperation. I will add between 0 and 5 points on your calculated averagedepending on participation, attitude, cooperation, and preparation.
**Note: The grades are calculated by computer. Each student therefore earns the grade. Printed progress reports are available at any time to check the student progress.



Homework Policy
Homework will be assigned most days. All Homework is due the following school day at the beginning of class. Any late assignments will be given half credit. Incomplete assignments are also worth half.



Test Policy
Students who miss a test for a legitimate reason are to make arrangements with me upon their return to school. Make up tests will not be given during a class. They can only be done before school, one or two days after the original test date. If you fail to make arrangements with me you will receive a zero. This is your responsibility, not mine.



Quiz Policy
When quizzes are given they will be announced. They will normally be given at the completion of a general course topic. There are no make ups but I will drop the lowest quiz grade.



There are no special projects required for this course. However, on a case to case basis, I will consider assigning extra credit.



Course Outline
Chapter 1,& 2
Chapter 3--The mathematics of chemistry
Upon completion of the course, students will cover the following topics:
Atomic Concepts-Atomic Models, electron configuration
The Periodic Table-organization, trends, periods, families
Moles/Stoichiometry-elements, compounds, mixtures, molecular formulas, empirical formulas, structural formulas
Chemical Bonding-electronegativity, ionic, covalent, metallic, crystals, naming compounds
Matter and Energy-phase changes, physical vs. chemical properties, density
Kinetics and Equilibrium-potential energy diagrams, stress, forward and reverse reactions
Oxidation-reduction-half reactions, electrolysis, voltaic cell
Acids, Bases & Salts-properties, titration, pH
Organic Chemistry-hydrocarbon groups, naming orgnic molecules
Nuclear Chemistry-radioactivity, half-life, radiation

In general, I expect students to keep up. If you are having trouble with any topic, see me concerning help. I am ususally in the building by 7:20, and am available for help then. I reserve the right to change any stated policy, but not without notification.