Hutchinson Central Technical High School

Course Syllabus


Course Name: Advanced/Organic Chemistry

Instructor: Mr. Davis            Contact Time: 9:42-10:23         Phone Ext: 1415


Grading Policy
You will be graded by four different categories: Tests, Quizzes, Homework, Participation and Labs. Your final grade for the quarter will be calculated from total points. Test 40% Quizzes: 30%, Homework: 15%, Lab/Projects: 20%.



Homework Policy
Homework must be handed in on time. It must be neat and legible. Your homework must have your name on the top along with the period. If the homework is from the book, the assignment must be written at the top of the page. Also, do not turn in homework that was ripped out of a notebook; I will not accept it. If your homework is turned in a day late, 25% will be taken off. If your homework is 2 days late, 50% will be taken off. If your homework is more than two days late, it will be a 0.



Test Policy
See quiz Policy: Test are 40% of the overall grade



Quiz Policy
EXPECT some kind of quiz/test/exam/assessment EVERY Week
Quizzes 30% of your overall grade.



One Projects will be expected during the 2nd quarter and along with lab will count as 15% of the overall grade



Course Outline
Advanced Chemistry:
Topics Covered:
1.Introduction: Matter and Measurement
2. Chemistry of Coordination Compounds
3. Chemical Bonding (Molecular Geometry and Bonding Theories)
4. Stoichiometry
5. Aqueous Reactions and Solution Chemistry
6. Properties of Solutions
7. Chemical Kinetics
8. Acid-Base Equilibria
9. Chemical Thermodynamics
10. Electrochemistry
11. Organic and Biological Chemistry

Organic Chemistry
Topics Covered:
1. Alkanes, Alkenes, Alkynes
2Alcohols, Aldehydes and Ketones
3.Organic Acids
5. Proteins
7.Cyclic Compounds
8. Aromatic Hydrocarbons
9. Esters
10. Amines and Amides

Reactions and Synthesis covered will include the following
a. Aldol Condensation
b. Cannizazaro Reaction
c. Fittig Synthesis
d. Freidel Craft Synthesis
e. Grignard Synthesis
f. Hoffman Reaction
g. Markonikoff's Rule
h. Mollish Test
i. Williamson Synthesis
j. Wurtz Synthesis