Hutchinson Central Technical High School

Course Syllabus


Course Name: Physical Education

Instructor: Mr. Sardo            Contact Time: 8:12-8:53         Phone Ext: 1113


Grading Policy
I. Student Responsibilities

Students are required to dress appropriately for Physical Education. This requires a change of clothes that includes: T-shirt, shorts or sweats and sneakers. Students are expected to participate in a warm up and to choose an area of instruction to participate in each class. Students are expected to be on their attendance spots on time, are expected to act within the standards of Hutch-Tech, and are expected to pay attention to their surroundings (safety first!).

II. Grading and Discipline Policies

Students will be graded based on performance/effort, ability to remember information, and on execution of fitness tests. Students who are unprepared three times will be given a detention. Students who are unprepared more than three times will continue to be given detention each time they are unprepared. Parents will be notified in the event a student is unprepared so often that failure is imminent. Students who are disruptive or who are perceived to be a danger to other students will be removed from P.E. and will be recommended for further action by the Main Office. Students who are absent excessively put themselves at risk of failure, particularly if the absences are not legal. Students who have special circumstances surrounding a lengthy absence should discuss the situation individually with the teacher. A student who has a long term absence from PE because of medical reasons may be given academic assignments when necessary to earn a grade.

III. Expectations

The expectations of Phys. Ed. students at Hutch-Tech are the same as in all other classes. Students are expected to follow the rules of the school as per the handbook and are expected to follow the rules of the classroom as outlined by the teacher. The standards of action, of dress, and of speech are all outlined clearly in the student handbook. The student in return can expect a safe, orderly class, a positive learning environment and lessons appropriate to age and ability.



Homework Policy



Test Policy
Fitness tests will be entered into your grade based on proper execution and effort.



Quiz Policy
Occasional quizzes given. Expect 1 or 2 a marking period.






Course Outline
Hutch-Tech High School
Physical Education Dept.
Course Outline

I. Subject Content

A. Physical Education: Physical Education will
be broken down into 4
key areas:
i. Team sports and skills including drills,
lead ups and competition in:
1. Football
2. Soccer
3. Team Handball
4. Volleyball
5. Basketball
6. Floor Hockey
7. Baseball (Softball)
8. Lacrosse
9. Ultimate Frisbee

ii. Individual sports and skills including
drills,lead ups and competition in:
1. Tennis
2. Badminton
3. Pickleball
4. Dance

iii. Organized Games: age appropriate games
which address issues of fitness,
coordination,cooperation, etc.

iv. Fitness Area: includes testing of present
fitness levels through the Fitnessgram test
battery(strength, flexibility,
speed,endurance) and introduction of
methods for maintenance or improvement
such as weightlifting, aerobics, walking,
jump rope, Pilates, yoga, etc.