Hutchinson Central Technical High School

Course Syllabus


Course Name: Community Based Program

Instructor: Ms. Helen Turpin            Contact Time: 8:12-8:53 or 1:12-1:53         Phone Ext: 1305


Grading Policy
This is a Community Based Program in which we teach in accordance with the student's I.E.P goals [Common Core Standards]. We will endeavor to increase the students vocational and social skills, their level of personal independence and increase their knowledge and ability to travel independently. Vocational assessments will also be given, as we are assigned to job sites each year. Progress is based on student acquisition to the subject matter taught. Progress reports, which will give an indication of progress or the the lack of progress, will be sent home four (4) times a year (Infinite Campus, Rubric, & I.E.P). Test/Quiz, 20% Homework, 20% Class Assignments 20% Participation 20%, Assigned Project 20% We will use Unique Learning Program to help in ELA, Math, Science and Social St. I will also work with students in Health.

Class Needs: Class Surplies for 2014-2015 school year: Pens, Pencils, Colored Pencils with Erasers, 3 or 4" 3-Ring Binder Notebook, Lined Paper, 2 Composition Notebooks, A Watch, A Wallet, A Set Of Keys [does not need to be working set], and a picture I.D. Apron



Homework Policy
Homework will be assigned during the week and/or weekends. Homework will be expected to be handed in the very next day or on due date given.
Parent/s may look at the Hutch Tech Website if there's a desire to know the homework assigned to the student that day. Parents may call me @ 816-3888 or my cell phone in class 716-579-3818, or my email m at



Test Policy
Test will be announced in any one of the subject areas.
English Language Arts, Science/Health, Social Studies or Math. Most of them will be open book tests.

Observations/Charting will also be done in Vocational Education, Community Training, and areas of Independent Learning Skills.



Quiz Policy
A quiz will be announced in any one of the subjects listed. English Language Arts, Science, Health, Math, Social Studies, and Independent Living.



Prior to Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays, students will be asked to do several things:

1. To bring in canned-goods for the needy, to participate with Hutch Tech in bringing joy to families during the season.

2. To help plan/prepare and enjoy a Thanksgiving and a Christmas Dinner for the class and friends. Parents may be invited.

3. We work at one/two jobsite[s] each year. This will also help the seniors in my class to complete community volunteer work. They may also complete community service volunteer work in their communities, at home,in church, etc.

4. We are raising money for a trip to Washington, D.C. We are planning to go on this trip in May of 2015. We will continue to sell coffee and breakfast foods. This will enable us to go on trips with the students each year or every other year.



Course Outline
Special Education Community Based Program

A. Travel Training
1. Vocational Skills
2. Metro Bus/Metro Rail: Flash Pass, Schedule, Destination,

B. Independent Living
1. Taking Care of Business: Official Documents, Mail, Taxes,
2. Gaining Financial Know How
3. Practical Living Skills
4. Vocational Skills
5. Self-Awareness
6. People Skills
7. Academic and School Skills
8. Practical Living Skills
9. Problem Solving Skills

C. English Language Arts
1. Reading Readiness:,, Opposites, Etc.
2. Vocabulary: Sight/Functional Words
3. Reading: Simple Reading Books, Simple Novels
4. Reading Comprehension: Main Ideas, Opinion & Facts, English Gr., Comprehension Questions, etc.

D. Math
1. Adding/Subtraction
2. Money: Money ID./Value, Counting, Change, Writing Checks,
Keeping Check Register, Etc.
3. Time: Hour, Half-hour, Quarter-hour, Minutes, Etc.
4. Bar Graph

E. Biology
1. Systems of the Body
2. Organs of each system
3. Sense of the Body
4. Weather

F. Health
1. Nutrition: Healthy Eating
2. Vitamins and the Body
3. Planning/Preparing/Cooking in healthier ways
4. Excerise

G. Social Studies
1. Facts about The Constitution and The Bill of Rights
2. Geography
3. Community Training
4. Vocational Training
5. Cultural Acceptance

H. Vocational Experience
1. Class will receive on the Job training@ different jobsites each semester. [entire class]
a. Vocational Sills
b. Workplace Attitude
c. Workplace Etiquette
d. Workplace Ethics
2. Work with Vocational Ed. Trainer [Juniors & Senior]
a. Refine Vocational Skills
b. Travel [from home/school] to jobsite and back
c. Jobsite [Potential Full Employment]