Hutchinson Central Technical High School

Course Syllabus


Course Name: English 3

Instructor: Ms. Waller            Contact Time: 11:12-11:53         Phone Ext: 1439


Grading Policy
1. Classwork = 25%
2. Writing Assignments/Test = 30%
3. Homework = 25%
4. Quick Writes = 10%
5. Class Participation = 10%

Make-up Day 7:15- 7:45
Students will have the opportunity to make up missing assignments Tuesday - Thursday before school.



Homework Policy
Homework must be completed and turned in on the date specified. Any student absent should make up homework within one class day and submit for a grade. If a student does not have his or her homework he/she will have to come before school the following Monday to makeup the homework.



Test Policy
Students will be tested at the end of a unit. Students are expected to be in school on the day of the test. If a student is absent the student has to bring in a legal written excuse in order to make up test. The student has one day from the time they return to make up the test. Tests cannot be made up during class. The student will have to make arrangements to makeup test.



Quiz Policy
Quizzes are given periodically. Any student who misses the quiz will have to bring in a legal excuse in order to make up quiz. Students will have to make up the quiz within one class day.



Projects are assigned every marking period. Students are expected to turn in projects on time. Projects turned in early will receive 5 extra points.



Course Outline
This course is designed to prepare students for the ELA. An integral part of this course will involve reading, writing, analyzing literature and vocabulary development. The assignments that the students will receive are developed so that they can learn to read and think critically. With this ability, they will be able to apply these skills to their writing; thus becoming a critical reader as well as a critical writer. Along with this, the students will be expected to engage in activities that call for extended practice in reading and writing, so they must be prepared for class. In addition to literature read in class, the students will be required to read outside of class and complete assignments.