Hutchinson Central Technical High School

Course Syllabus


Course Name: English I

Instructor: Ms. Laranjo            Contact Time: 8:57-9:38         Phone Ext: 1324


Grading Policy
The Gradebook layout will align with the CCLS strands listed below. They are:

Writing Strand 30% of grade. All students have the option of rewriting and resubmitting any failing writing grade based on comments on the rubric in order to improve their average.
Reading Literature Strand 25% of grade.
Reading for Information 20% of grade
Language/Grammar, Usage and Mechanics (G.U.M.) Strand 15% of grade.
Speaking/Listening Strand 10% of grade.

Each student is also expected to have a separate English binder. The five sections of this binder will align to the CCLS strands, as well as the gradebook. This binder will be kept in the classroom.



Homework Policy
Students are expected to read an independently selected book for 20 30 minutes (or more) every night. Getting into the habit of reading for pleasure now will greatly improve your fluency, reading comprehension, spelling, and vocabulary skills.

Any additional homework assignments will be posted to my website:






Course Outline
Students will focus on the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts. They include:
Writing Standards
Reading Standards for Literature
Reading Standards for Informational Text
Language Standards
Listening and Speaking Standards

The Curriculum Framework can be accessed on the Buffalo Public School website at: