Hutchinson Central Technical High School

Course Syllabus


Course Name: Global 10

Instructor: Mr. Jost            Contact Time: 8:57-9:38 or 12:27-1:08         Phone Ext: 1411


Grading Policy
See handout (N-1)for additional details. Students earn points for the following:

o Vocab quizzes (10 points each)
o Homework (2 points each--Monday-Thursday)
o Chapter Tests (approximately every 2 1/2 weeks--50 points each)
o Unit Tests: 1 per quarter (100 points)
o Classwork (points will vary)
o Extra Credit (at teacher's discretion)

Depending on timing, there should be 400-500 points possible in a given quarter. Student grades are POINTS EARNED/TOTAL POINTS POSSIBLE (ex. 400/500 = 80%).

Sometime in November-December there will be a 100-point project designed to help students prepare for the Thematic Essay portion of the final exam. More details to follow.



Homework Policy
1. Homework is assigned Mondays-Thursdays with some exceptions.
2. Homework is checked in the first five minutes of class Tuesdays-Fridays.
3. Unless absent the previous day, homework is due at this time. A student who is absent on a Tuesday must show Monday night's homework when he or she returns on Wednesday. The homework missed in Tuesday's class is due on Thursday.
4.Students receive a "2" for completed homework, "1" for inadequately completed homework, and "0" for no homework or a clear lack of effort.



Test Policy
If a student is absent for a Chapter Test, he or she should report to my room (411) at 7:15 the NEXT day they attend school to make up the missed test. Having students in class who have not taken a test makes it very difficult to go over that test.



Quiz Policy
See grading policy.



See grading policy.



Course Outline
After the two-year Global History and Geography course in New York State there is a Regents examination for students pursuing a Regents diploma. Global History is built on the premise that we live in an interdependent world and that no nation can isolate itself from the world. What happens in other nations impacts our lives and the way we live.

Course Units

UNIT 5 (Absolutism & Revolution)

o Absolutism
o Enlightenment
o Scientific Revolution
o French Revolution
o Nationalism

UNIT 6 (Industrial Age & Empire Building)

o Industrial Revolution
o Rise of Democracy
o Imperialism

UNIT 7 (World at War)

o World War I
o Rusian Revolution
o Rise of Dictators
o World War II

UNIT 8 (Global Age)

o Cold War
o Colonial Independence
o Challenges to Global Security