Hutchinson Central Technical High School

Course Syllabus


Course Name: Career and Financial Management Part A

Instructor: Mr. Merkle            Contact Time: 9:42-10:23 or 1:57-2:40         Phone Ext: 1212


Grading Policy
First marking period grades will be determined using 50% of the average test grades, 30% of the average quiz/homework grade, and 20% will be participation.

Second Marking period grades will be determined using 25% of the average test grades, 15% of the average quiz/homework grade, 10% participation, and 50% will be based on the portfolio.



Homework Policy
Homework and project due dates will be clearly provided to the students when the assignments are given. Homework and projects are due on the due date unless prior arrangements have been made. Late work may be accepted with penalty in certain circumstances.



Test Policy
Tests will be given at the end of each topic. Notice will be given several days in advance of a test. Students must make prior arrangements if they will miss a test.



Quiz Policy
Quizzes will be announced at least one day in advance. If a student misses a quiz, he/she is responsible to make arrangements to make up the quiz the first morning the student returns to school.



Portfolio assignment
Career Research Project



Course Outline
Topic 1: Business Systems and Economics
-Economic Systems
-Business System

Topic 2: Career Planning
-Self Assessment
-Career Plan
-Life Goals

Topic 3: The Career Selection Process
-Changing Trends and Employment Opportunities
-Career Search Resources and Planning
-Career Presentation Package
-Job Interview Process

Topic 4: Career Success
-Successful Employment
-Orientation/ Introduction to the Job
-Conditions Affecting Job Productivity and Satisfaction
-Workplace Laws and Regulations
-Role of Labor Unions and/or Professional Organizations

Topic 5: Financial Literacy
-Managing Finances and Budgeting
-Credit Purchasing
-Consumer Protection

Portfolio Assignment:
-Career Plan
-Career Presentation Package
-Career Job Search Brochure
-Simulated Bank Transactions
-Personal Budget
-Working Papers Application
-Choice Components Include
--Business Structures
--Business Plans
--Career Zone Interest Inventory
--Mock Interview and Reflection
--Power Point Presentation
--1040EZ Income Tax Form