Hutchinson Central Technical High School

Course Syllabus


Course Name: World History and Geography I

Instructor: Mr. Gibson            Contact Time: 8:12-8:53 or 9:42-10:23         Phone Ext: 1521


Grading Policy
Grading is based on a point value system:

o Vocab quizzes - 10 points each
o Homework - 10 points each
o Chapter Tests - approximately 3 per quarter--50 points each
o Unit Tests: 1 per quarter - 100 points
o Classwork (points will vary)

Student grades are POINTS EARNED/TOTAL POINTS POSSIBLE (ex. 800/1000 = 80%).



Homework Policy
Homework will be assigned at least twice a week and is due on the due date (normally the following day).

Legally absent students will be allowed to make up their assignments.

Students have been assigned a textbook to keep at home - please use the resource.

Students who are absent due to a long-term illness or other circumstance should contact Mr. Gibson so that assignments and readings ... can be forwarded along to the student.



Test Policy
Tests are cummulative throughout the year - which means that content and concepts from previous units of study are included throughout the year in all tests.

Tests are made up of regents and regents - style multiple choice questions and document based questions.

Alternate forms of testing could include i-movies, thematic essays, document based essays or research projects.



Quiz Policy
Quizes are designed to reiforce concepts, content and skills that have been covered in class.

Make up quizes will be given in room 519 after school to students who are absent on a quiz day. Students will be asked to report for their make up upon their return.



To be announced -



Course Outline
Global 9 begins with pre-history and continues through 1800 ,the European Renaissance and the Age of Exploration. Information about major world civilizations will be presented using themes of power and authority, religious systems, revolution, the environment, economics, cultural interaction, empire building and science and technology.

This course is taught over a two year period. The Regents Exam is given after the second year;however, students must pass the first year of the course before they can take the second.

Unit1-Introduction to Global Studies

Unit2-Ancient World Civilizations and Religion

Unit3-Expanding Zones of Exchange and Encounter

Unit4-Global Interactions

Unit5-The First Global Age