Hutchinson Central Technical High School

Course Syllabus


Course Name: Algebra II/Trigonometry

Instructor: Mr. Maciolek            Contact Time: 9:42-10:23 or 12:27-1:08         Phone Ext: 1325


Grading Policy
You will be evaluated on the following:

*Quizzes (They will count half as much as tests)

** The tests and quizzes will be averaged each marking period and will count as 70% of your marking period grade. (Any notebook checks will be counted as a quiz grade.)

** The homework average will be calculated each marking period and will count as 30% of the marking period grade.



Homework Policy
Homework is very important if you wish to succeed in this class. The homework will be posted daily on the front board.

*Homework will be checked every class.

*All problems must be completed to receive any credit.

*All work must be shown for each problem.

*If you are stuck, refer to the class notes or to that particular section in the book for help. ( I will also be available before school by 7:15 AM for any questions.)

*Homework is a large percentage of your grade each marking period, so make sure that it is completed daily and handed in on time.



Test Policy
Tests will be given at the end of each chapter. Each test grade will count twice as much as a quiz grade so you will want to make sure that you thoroughly prepare for each test. Review will be done in class prior to each test so with proper preparation on your part there is no excuse to do poorly on a test. I am available before school if you have any questions about a test.



Quiz Policy
** Quizzes will be given every 4 to 5 days unless a test is coming up. They will take approximately half of the class period and will count half as much as a test grade.

** Quizzes will usually be announced (on the front board) 2 to 3 days before they are administered.



Projects may be given periodically and will count as a quiz grade for the marking period.



Course Outline
First Semester

Chapter 1. Expressions, Equations, Inequalities
Chapter 2. Functions, Equations, and Graphs
Chapter 3. Linear Systems
Chapter 4. Quadratic Functions and Equations
Chapter 5. Polynomials and Polynomial Functions
Chapter 6. Radical Functions and Rational Exponents
Chapter 7. Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
Second Semester
Chapter 8. Rational Functions
Chapter 9. Sequences and Series
Chapter 10. Quadratic Relations and Conic Sections
Chapter 11. Probability and Statistics
Chapter 13. Periodic Functions and Trigonometry
Chapter 14. Trig. Identities and Equations
Review for the Regents exam which is given in June.