Hutchinson Central Technical High School

Course Syllabus


Course Name: Spanish 1

Instructor: Ms. Russin            Contact Time: 9:42-10:23 or 1:12-1:53         Phone Ext: 1343


Grading Policy
Students' averages are based on grades earned from quizzes, tests, bell work, homework and class work. Bell work, homework and class work must be written in a notebook. The notebooks will be collected every other week and will count for 25% of the final average.



Homework Policy
All written homework must be completed in a notebook. Written assignments will be given a few times per week. Students must study nightly; they must review new and old material on a regular basis.



Test Policy
Unit tests are scheduled every 3 - 4 weeks. They count for 50% of the students' final average. No quizzes will be administered the week of a unit test and a minimal 4-day notice will also be given. All unit tests are cumulative. This is why students need to study nightly and review previously learned material. Every unit test will consist of a speaking portion. This is done to help students learn to communicate in Spanish and be prepared for the final proficiency exam in June. 30 points of the final exam are based on speaking.

If a student is absent for a test, he/she needs to speak with me about making up the test. I am available most days before and after school. If the student has a study hall third or seventh period, I will write him/her a pass to take it then.



Quiz Policy
Quizzes are given once or twice a week with at least one-day notice. They count for 100 points and make up 25% of the final average.




Course Outline
Spanish 1 is based on the text book, Buen Viaje, which teaches the fundamental basics of Spanish on a variety of topics so students can succeed on the proficiency exam. The text book is available for reference and various activities in the classroom. Students are not given a book. (However, if a student is interested in borrowing a book for study, he/she should speak to me to arrange that.)

Each student should attend class every day with a folder (which contains all necessary notes organized by page number) and a notebook for recording all written assignments.

Students are expected to speak Spanish every day in class. If time permits, I call on every student at least once per class to answer a question, read, or share an idea in Spanish.

I am available most days before and after school to help students in need. Please let me know in advance what you need help with and when you can come for it.