Hutchinson Central Technical High School

Course Syllabus


Course Name: Biology Lab

Instructor: Ms. Jakubowicz            Contact Time: 10:27-11:08         Phone Ext: 1410


Grading Policy
Lab reports will constitute 100% of the lab grade. All laboratory analysis questions that are not completed during the lab period must be completed outside the classroom No lab report will be accepted late.

NYS Regents Requirement:

"For admission to a REgents examination in science, a student must complete the State-mandated laboratory requirement. The lab component must be provided in additionto the required classroom instruction associated with earninga unit of credit and must complete 1200 minutes of hands-on laboratory with satisfactory lab reports [100.5(b)(7)(iv)(d)]. Lab reports must be kept on file for at least 6 months after the final exam.

Lab folders will stay in my classroom at all times.



Homework Policy
All lab reprots that are not completed during the allotted lab period must be finished outside the classroom and handed in on tme.



Test Policy
None given.



Quiz Policy
Very few if any quizzes are given. Lab time is used for lab activities.



none given.



Course Outline
Labs are an integral part of the NYS Regents Biology curriculum. They provide hands on application of concepts we are learning in the classroom. Various teaching techniques and materials will be used to provoke student interest and enhance stdent understanding. Numerous lab methods will be utilized in demonstrations and student experiments. SAfety instructions will be given and safe practices will be stressed in all lab work.