Hutchinson Central Technical High School

Course Syllabus


Course Name: GLOBAL 9

Instructor: Ms. Harris            Contact Time: 1:12-1:53         Phone Ext: 1405


Grading Policy
students will be graded in the following areas:
1. HOMEWORK 2. NOTEBOOK 3. CLASS PARTICIPATION 4. TESTS AND QUIZ 5 PORTFOLIO WORK. 30%-for tests -40%-for portfolio-10%each for homework,notebook,and class participation.



Homework Policy
Homework is given 3-4 nights per week. Work must be completed on the assigned day for full credit. If a student is absent it is his responsibility to make up the assignment. Deductions will be made for late assignments. Help is available after school. Students will be notified as to after school hours at the beginning of each week .



Test Policy
Tests will be given at the completion of a chapter in the text book. Unit Tests will be administered once each quarter -they will be patterned after the regents model. An absence for a test must be made up after school.

There will be a final examination in this course. The exam will be weighted equally with portfolio work for the fourth quarter



Quiz Policy
Short quizzes are given often. Many will be given to review the previous day's lesson or to emphasize an idea presented in the homework. a Quiz can be made up before or after school.



Each quarter students will be responsible for 10 projects each worth 10 points for a total of 100. The projects will vary; however,many will involve essay work. The completed projects will be the student's portfolio; which ,if complete, will be used for extra credit and if kept for grade 10 becomes an excellent review for the Regents Exam in this course. The portfolio is an on going assignment throughout the quarter. Students may turn work in until one week before the end of the quarter. Students may also resubmit work before the deadline to receive a better grade. Help for these assignments is available before and after school.Student progress on the quarterly portfolio is posted in the classroom so they can easily see if they have work to make up.



Course Outline
Global 9 begins with pre-history and continues through 1800 ,the European Renaissance and the Age of Exploration. Information about major world civilizations will be presented using themes of power and authority, religious systems, revolution, the environment, economics, cultural interaction, empire building and science and technology.

This course is taught over a two year period. The Regents Exam is given after the second year;however, students must pass the first year of the course before they can take the second.

Unit1-Introduction to Global Studies

Unit2-Ancient World Civilizations and Religion

Unit3-Expanding Zones of Exchange and Encounter

Unit4-Global Interactions

Unit5-The First Global Age