Hutchinson Central Technical High School

Course Syllabus


Course Name: Regents Biology

Instructor: Mrs. Cross            Contact Time: 12:27-1:08 or 1:57-2:40         Phone Ext: 1416


Grading Policy
Grades for this course are determined by the following factors:

1) Tests (40%): there will be 2-4 tests per marking period. The tests will consist of multiple choice, short answer, true/false, and essay questions. The questions will be derived from previous regents exams.

2) Quizzes (20%): there will be several short quizzes per marking period. They will generally be given after the completion of a topic and may or may not be announced ahead of time.

3) Essays/Projects (15%): students are responsible for retrieving articles from the internet, magazines, and/or newspapers on topics we have discussed in class. Each article is to be summarized in essay format. Throughout each marking period, time will be designated to hold class discussions on your findings.

4) Lab (20%): the grade you receive from your lab requirements will account for 20% of your report card grade for this course.

5) Class Participation (5%): students are responsible for coming to class and actively participating in class activities and discussions.



Homework Policy
Homework is assigned regularly but not necessarily every day. All homework is expected to be handed in at the beginning of class the day after it is assigned (assignments given on Fridays are due the following Monday). Homework is graded on a bonus scale. Each student is exempt from one homework assignment per marking period. If all homework assignments are turned in on time, the student will receive 5 bonus points toward their report card grade each marking period. Students will receive one less bonus point for each missing assignment. Points will be deducted from the studentís report card grade for five or more missed assignments per marking period. Incomplete assignments will only receive half credit.



Test Policy
There will be 2-4 full period 100 point tests given during each marking period. Students who miss a test due to a legal absence are to make arrangements with me immediately upon their return to school. Students must make-up their test within two days after the original test grade. A grade of zero will be given if the student fails to make these arrangements.



Quiz Policy
Quizzes may or may not be announced ahead of time. Generally, there will be a short quiz after the completion of a course topic/section. There will be approximately 5-7 quizzes per marking period. There will be no make-up quizzes. A grade of zero will be given in the event of an absence. However, the lowest quiz grade will be dropped each marking period.



There will be at least 2 projects throughout this course. Detailed instructions will be given well in advance. All projects/essays must be turned in on it's exact due date. Points will be deducted for each day it is turned in late.



Course Outline
Upon completion of this course, students will cover the following topics:

Unit 1 Introducing Biology:
Biology in the 21st Century, Chemistry of Life

Unit 2 Cells:
Cell Structure and Function, Cells and Energy, Cell Growth and Division

Unit 3 Genetics:
Meiosis and Mendel, Extending Mendelian Genetics, From DNA to Proteins, Frontiers of Biotechnology

Unit 4 Evolution:
Principles of Evolution, The Evolution of Populations, The History of Life

Unit 5 Ecology:
Principles of Ecology, Interactions in Ecosystems, The Biosphere, Human Impact on Ecosystems

Unit 6 Classification and Diversity:
The Tree of Life, Viruses and Prokaryotes, Protists and Fungi

Unit 7 Plants:
Plant Diversity, Plant Structure and Function, Plant Growth, Reproduction, and Response

Unit 8 Animals:
Invertebrate Diversity, A Closer Look at Arthropods, A Closer Look at Amniotes, Animal Behavior

Unit 9 Human Biology:
Human Systems and Homeostasis, Nervous and Endocrine Systems, Respiratory and Circulatory Systems, Immune System and Disease, Digestive and Excretory Systems, Protection, Support, and Movement, Reproduction and Development