Hutchinson Central Technical High School

Course Syllabus


Course Name: English 4

Instructor: Mrs. Lester            Contact Time: 10:27-11:08         Phone Ext: 1421


Grading Policy
Homework 25%
Effort/Participation 25%
Tests/Quizzes 25%
Journal/Projects 25%

Supplies needed: Pen, composition notebook, 3 ring binder, paper and your planner.



Homework Policy
Homework is given on a consistent basis. I expect that the students use their Hutch Tech planners and write down each assignment. I will initialize that this has taken place. Late homework assignments will not be accepted.



Test Policy
Students will receive tests in a variety of forms: essay, multiple choice or fill in the blank. Students who are absent will have an opportunity to make up any test on the day that they return.



Quiz Policy
The students will be expected to complete a variety of quizzes throughout each marking period. Quizzes may consist of vocabulary words, literary terms, reading or notebook checks.
If a student is absent, he/she will have an opportunity to make up the quiz.



Projects will be given in book report form. One book is to be read each quarter, for a total of four books during the year. They will be worth 100 points.



Course Outline
Learning Standards for English Language Arts

1. Information and Understanding
2. Literary Response and Expression
3. Critical Analysis and Evaluation
4. Social Interaction

I expect my students to come to class each and everyday ready to learn. This means being prepared, putting forth effort and following classroom rules and expectations. Also, RESPECT is to be maintained on every level-for self, for others and for our school/community.

Goals and objectives on student's Individualized Education Plan will be addressed.